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Krabi Trip 2015: Day 2: Exploring the Railay Beach + Bhu Nga Thani Resort

Day 2
After having morning swim in Aspasari hotel, we walked to opposite stalls to have our brunch

My favourite always, banana pancake with egg and milk. Girls always love sweet food. 40 baht

The coconut here taste so awesome, unlike in Malaysia, taste sour more than sweet one. I prefer coconut in Thailand always, their coconut drink always the best for me, but the price cost higher too 50baht for each coconut

How the stalls look like, there are many stalls along the street, depends on which one you prefer the most, the menu are all the same, I have choose the one with most customers, humans always love to pick crowded one rather than no one. LOL

Time for brunch. 

After brunch, we have to check out earlier as we can't wait to go to RAILAY BEACH !!
If you come to Krabi, try to stay one night at Railay Beach, this is how my friend introduce to me. So, this time I tried to do so and therefore, I did not buy any package to go for snorkeling or island hopping.

How to go Railay Beach ?
It is unlike those islands, which have to buy from travel agents. Raialy Beach is very near to Aonang, which the travel agents did not sell the boat ticket to reach there. What you have to do is, you have to search the boat ticket counter along the Aonang beach side to find it, There was few counters along the road, they allowed you to buy on the spot and not to worry about missed out the boat, the boat will fetch people as long as it reached the number of 8 passengers, then it will start the boat.  Do buy return ticket ( this is how their tricks on getting money from tourist to whom did not buy return ticket, I will explain further on Day 3 post )

This is the significant of Railay Beach, I saw many photos took picture on this rock hill. so I did it so. LOL
The railay beach is so peace and calm, The high tide sea water in morning will beat all the way up to those walkway and disturb the tourists who sleeping at the beach. It looks funny when people busy run away from the waves beat up on them.

In railay beach, there are EAST RAILAY and WEST RAILAY. WEST RAILAY is the beach which can allow tourists to swim and play while EAST RAILAY beach is full of mangrove trees, Therefore, it is not suitable to swim. But however, along the East Railay, there are full of hotels and restaurants at there which allow us to have our night at East Railay. 
 Our hotels also located at the East Railay side so we have to carry our own luggage and walk a 10 minute distance to reach the hotel. 

The hotel we stayed is 4 star rated : Bhu Nga Thani Resort, The only hotel which attracts me at there and I did not regret to book this although the price is abit higher. Normal deluxe I think should be RM280+ , I have booked Elegant Deluxe because of the HUGE BATHTUB , the price is RM376 per night,

BBQ restaurant available at dinner time

The swimming pool

The walkway to hotel room

The lobby 

The restaurant

The staff was friendly and the overall design are so grand and looks attractive to each of the people passed by this hotel, our hotel room did not disappointed us. 
They did serve us fruits for us too, awwww.

Big bed 

Huge tub

Mini coffee bar and mini mirror.

Balcony is big enough for us. 

Laying bed is awesome to us especially looking at the green one.

 Taking picture with the West Railay Beach. 

 It was 3pm and we had our late lunch at the restaurant of West Railay. At that moment, we still havent realized the existence of the restaurants in East Railay, When we really found out, we found that we were stupid again as the price of the lunch is so expensive and East Railay restaurants selling cheaper than that !

Pad Thai 180baht 

Omelette on Rice 120baht 

The only advantage of having lunch at this restaurant is because of facing the sea and letting the wind to beat on us and we felt so cool and fresh, 

After lunch, we enjoyed our day at the beach and sitting on the lazy chair and feel the life spent in Krabi. Such a wonderful moment, relaxing and peaceful mind. 

If you come to Railay , must try Thai Massage on the beach, the price is same like the price in the massage center and the advantage is facing the beach and you totally will fall in love with it. Remember to find the massage people named called "YA" , They really work hard to earn money for their live. I do recommend them to all of you to get every attention of you all. 

How nice it was to see the sunset when you are massaging by them. Soooooooo relax. 

Let's enjoy my photos,

 Thank you to Mr who always took picture for me in every single moment, no matter what I do, he like to captured the best of me. 

After beach, let's pool. 

Playing Bubble in own hotel room is fun too especially the bathtub is big enough for me to play for few hours, I love big tub always. 

At night , when we planned to go to West Railay to hunt for food, we only found out a lot of restaurants open along the East Railay side, the price is cheaper than the restaurants at West Railay side, but of course, west railay has better view to the sea. 

Along the street at East Railay

Not much people at here and most of them who eat dinner at here definitely overnight at Railay while others might come here to play at the beach and go back to Aonang at evening time. 

We have checked all the menu of each restaurants along the street and the price is almost the same, just depends on which type of restaurant you prefer the most. I have chose Joy Beach Bar as their seats are facing the sea also , it is such an enjoyment to have dinner facing the sea again !

We ordered Vegetarian Pizza - Funghi 
With Mushroom, cheese, tomato sauce and Mozarella 

He enjoyed his pizza a lot ! The pizza taste really delicious and so crispy, I m not a pizza lover. but I can felt in love with this pizza and keep eating non stop. The price is 200baht for 1 pizza. 

My Tomyam noodle taste not as heavy as I thought, doesn't look like real Tomyam soup made from Thailand one. LOL

The worst part is the noodles look like a cloth, LOL 
But the noodles taste like kuey teow that kind, just I don't understand why they made until such big kuey teow noodles, is a nice try for me but the soup of Tomyam failed it. 

That's how our dinner like, Pizza, Green curry vegetables and Tomyum noodles. hehe

Look at us, we were sitting like this and had our dinner one. All of us also eat like this, very relaxing feel and do stay tuned for next Kayak post and explore new beach by ourselves. 

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