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Bali Trip Day 1: Vegetarian Lunch + Tanah Lot Temple + Orkid Spa + J4 Hotel

Hola ! Long time didn't update my blog again since the last trip Bangkok,
and obviously I am back to here is because I just finish my trip since last week.
Therefore, I am going to share my birthday vacation on blog now !
Yes Yes Yes ! I went on my birthday and have my birthday in Bali.

Our flight is Airasia again and I bought the tickets during free seat promotion, 
therefore, the flight for each person to Bali only cost RM250+ , super cheap ! I know !
I saw it and I bought it immediately as the rate to Bali always RM600+ something on normal day.

Before depart, normally we will have our breakfast at PAPARICH,
but this time we try Johnny Rocket which is beside Paparich at KLIA2.
Western breakfast before depart and listening retro song. 

After 3 hours flight, we landed on Bali safely and I want to remind travelers that Bali is a place full of beaches every corner, and so there is lack of public transportation around besides Taxi, 
So, I wanna recommend that hiring a personal driver is much more cheaper than taking taxi if you wanna travel outside for full days. The driver rate is cheaper than in Taiwan, so rather than keep finding taxi, better than getting a driver there.

I have find Joe driver , who recommended by my friend since her last visit to Bali
Joe is a good driver, I have discuss with him about my Bali itinerary through wechat before I arrived in Bali.
The price is around 490,000-500,000 IDR for 2 person and bring us to anywhere we want until the night. 

So here goes my Day 1 itinerary :
  • Lunch at Happy Buddha Vegetarian Restaurant 
  • Visit Tanah Lot Temple  Canggu
  • Must do spa in Bali at Bali Orkid Spa
  • Checked in to J4 Hotel in the most happening street, Legian street
  • Dinner at Legian street full of Club Music

When we reached airport, Joe had already wait us at the departure gate.
The car is comfortable and clean, he is driving safe and he can be our tour guide too by explaining the history of those temple when we are on the way to the journey.

Besides, he also bring us to vegetarian restaurant as we are vegetarian,
the place he bring us for food is cheap and is not tourist area, 
therefore the price is super cheap !

Having lunch at Happy Buddha Vegetarian 

Happy Buddha Vegetarian Bali
Address: Jalan Raya Kuta No. 143, Kuta, Bali 80361, Indonesia

We ordered 3 dishes with 2 white rice cost RM20 only, cheap right ?
Damn cheap and worth !

The time we reached at Bali is already at noon time, therefore Joe driver charge us for RM95 for the first day instead of full day price, this is the best rate ever and best service I get from him. He also brought us to buy Sim card for internet and the sim card internet roaming for 1 week cost RM18 including help us setting up the Internet, unlike what I saw on blogger one, they bought RM30+ in tourist area. I can sure that, hiring Joe driver is my best choice as I had save a lot of money from all this tourist-pay-higher-price tactic. 

Along the way to Tanah Lot Temple, we saw a lot of Paddy field, 
Canggu is the place full of paddy field, same like Ubud.

Before we entering Tanah Lot temple, we have to pay few pennies for the entrance ticket, don't worry about the price, it is cheap.
Along the road to the Tanah Lot temple, there are a lot of shops, restaurants and art craft shops. We had passed by a coffee cafe and we saw LUWAK !
Luwak is a cute animal that look like a cat and it produce the Luwak coffee which is famous in Bali.
Becareful guy, it will bite you ! , said the coffee staff.

They did rear the bats too ! These bats species are in bigger size and this is the first time I saw such this big size for bats species !

Super big right ??  They are 2 years old only =)

I did not order any coffee to drink as I am not a coffee lover while he ordered Luwak coffee for a try.
The price for luwak coffee is not cheap at all, RM10 for one glass of Ice Luwak coffee but worth to try if you love the taste or you are in first time to try on.

The coffee staff served in nice presentation which gave him a good impression on it.

Naughty Luwak closer look.

Its evening time, the bat started to wake up and it looks like a rat with a pair of wings. 

Did you heard about the frame which whenever the couple take picture with it will break up in the end?
Yup ! This is true and the frame is at Tanah Lot here, the frame as below. Do not take picture with the frame, or else take picture with others friends or teams together to avoid it.

The amazing view of Tanah Lot, such a nice drawing of god-made picture

I am going down to there as the sea is having low tide at that moment just like others tourist did.
and the Tanah Lot temple is down there too, we can't enter the temple but we just can take picture with the temple. It is not open for the public.

Here's my best driver, Joe driver.
You can play until what time you wish to, and when you want to move on, he will fetch us. We can have our own time alone and he will wait us at a place that he told us.That's him, Joe.

Besides, we not need ask someone to help us take picture anymore, Joe is the camera man for us too !
He is willing and happy to help us take picture !

Tanah Lot is a nice place to visit, the place is clean and more to natural and cultural style

My time to walk close to the temple just like others tourist did.
I have to watch out every single road I am going to step as there are a lot of holes which is very deep and I saw fishes swimming inside the holes ! The sea water will come up during high tide and therefore the holes become the fishes shelter place. LOL

Full of holes around me and it is so cool and nice which I never saw this in my life before.

Small fishes swimming in the hole 

Thanks to my private camera man for taking this nice picture 

We came to a Holy Spring Water section which the temple is above us and everyone is queuing for blessing from the Bali people. 

So,we queue up too.

I use the spring water to rinse my face just like others did and the local will bless us with their own Bali way.

Give donation with the amount of you prefer to. 

Then, we look like this with full of blessing, hahaha !

Joe driver said, the temple is built by a Holy man, and the holy man used his scarf to turn it to a sea snake which it protects the temple since 16th century ! is 16th century ! What a long time, and the sea snake still alive till now and we allowed to touch it. They said it will bless us when we are making a wish when touching it. Donation is required before we allowed to enter and touch it. Donate with the amount you decide.

Many people came to Tanah Lot to view the sunset too ! But we have missed it as we were having coffee at the moment and we thought it set at 615pm but it set at 6pm that day. 

Bali is a placewhich is famous in doing spa, so Joe had recommended us to try at Bali Orkid Spa which is located nearby Legian street, the spa for 2 hours cost RM135 per person which is so cheap! The price is in offer price as it is recommend by Joe or else we have to follow the fixed price.

The spa massage package includes: 
  • Foot bath
  • Foot scrub
  • Balinese Body Massage
  • Body scrub
  • Yogurt milk moisturizer 
  • Bathtub session

The room is couple set which we massage together in a room

The Bali Orkid Spa did provide driver which he will sent us to our hotel.
I have surveyed the hotels and I choose to stay the clean and cheaper room as we mostly spent our time at the Legian street. So, I had choose J4 Hotel which located along the happening Legian street.
The cost is RM120 per night, very cheap right ? But the service is good, have swimming pool and the breakfast full of various of choices ! Remember to ask for quiet room as the music beside the hotel bang so loud which the whole lobby full of music. LOL

We have our late dinner along the Legian street, the price is incredibly high and obviously aim for tourist.
We had ordered 3 dishes again and you know what, it cost RM60, super big difference with the local restaurant price which we had it during lunch time.

We did went for massage along the steet, the price is around RM20-RM30 for body massage,
it is almost same with Thailand massage rate.
But somehow, the massage style is different of course.

Stay tuned for Day 2 Bali Trip !

If you wish to get a driver for your trip in Bali, here is the contact: 
Joe Driver 
Wechat contact: Penjor26


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