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Bali Trip Day 2: WaterBlow + Pandawa beach + Padang-padang + Uluwatu +Jimbaran sunset

Hola, continue my blog on 2nd day in Bali !
Let's check out my itinerary below

Day 2 itinerary 
  • Visit the amazing Water Blow at Nusa Dua
  • Enjoy the sun bath at newly explored Pantai Pandawa
  • Explore the most tourist sunbath place at Padang-padang beach
  • Visit historical Uluwatu temple
  • Having sunset view at Jimbaran Beach

Staying in J4 hotel is RM120 per night, but I never expect their breakfast is so many choices 
and it can comparable with 4 hotel as 4 star hotel breakfast is look like this .

Having breakfast with Pool view and blue sky view, listening to the Bali peaceful rhythm, the feeling is great !

Their breakfast provide various of choices for us, we ate until full and end up everyday we did able to skip our lunch without complaining get starve.

Ignore my bloody cool face in the early morning, most probably I am still in sleeping mode.

Our Joe driver had waited us on time in the hotel lobby, he never rush us, but he told us to take our time indeed. He is a patient driver. =) 

First destination to go, we headed to Nusa Dua to visit Water Blow, the god made nature.

This is what they so called "Water Blow" , honestly it is really beautiful !

It is easy to wait for the water blow splashed again, but to wait for the tallest one, it is quite hard to wait for it,anyway, we did enjoy for this god-made nature.

Nusa Dua has two side of beach, but all the hotels which facing the beach is much more nicer than the other side of the beach, but it belongs to private beach, so we cant play here unless we stay the hotel at there.

Joe driver is a good driver, we request for a nicer beach, so he brought us to their newly explore beach, Pantai Pandawa , it is consider new beach as the road is still constructing and more locals visit here than the tourists, therefore, it is not crowded at all which we can sunbath at here.

I love this beach ! Nice and blue !
I start fall in love to Bali when I visited this beach, it is so blue !

Our Joe driver =)

The expenses at here is super cheap, even renting two chairs with an umbrella only cost RM15 ! If you visit the Kuta beach which is full of tourists, the umbrella and chairs cost around RM30 ! Look at the beach, it is so so so nice , I love it !

The beach view is so nice and calm. OMG, I love it !

Is time to have my sunbath in the sea ! Bikini mode on !

My bikini outfit with high waist pant. 
I did sell only high waist bottom separately also.
Inbox my FB if you want to buy bikini =)

After having almost 3 hours sleep and sunbath at Pandawa beach, we have our single lunch by ordering from the row of restaurants, those restaurants menu is exactly same like Malaysia mamak, mee goreng and nasi goreng , sounds familiar to me , haha

Next, we headed to Padang-padang beach. I heard a lot of  local people praising about Padang Padang beach is nice but on the other way, I read about the article that it looks nothing special and the beach is not as nice as you expected. Pandawa beach is much more better than Padang Padang beach a lot !

This color of sea and the sea situated beside the mountain rocks make me think of the Railay beach in Krabi, normal beach as I can comment. That's why, we stayed here for half hour only. 

No chairs provided at here, thank god we did bring towels along so we can use the towel as our so called picnic place to sit and relax. Padang padang beach is quite crowded and pack as the beach is full of tourists laying on the beach.

Next, we headed to Uluwatu temple, In bali, temple means "Pura Luhur", I realized that when I found this word appeared in Tanah Lot and Uluwatu also, so I am pretty sure that's the meaning !
Uluwatu also charge entrance ticket too and we have to cover our legs with cloth if we wear too short and yes, we have to wear, I felt stupid on myself by wearing like this to enter the temple, I should bring extra shirt to wear on as my transparent shirt look through my bikini color. LOL

Thank you Joe driver again for being our camera man at here, he explained the building and history for us and help us take picture, he is a nice person, god bless him, he even help me to tight the purple cloth to cover my leg since I have no idea on it. God bless him ! 

Photos tell everything.

Before 6pm, Joe driver brought us to Jimbaran beach to have our sunset view, 
Finally , we saw the sunset on the second day in Bali
I think Jimbaran beach is not suitable for vegetarian like us because their menu is running in set
and they can't custom made vegetarian food for us
So, I suggest that look for a better restaurant which can provide vegetarian
Along Jimbaran beach, they all provide seafood menu and the price is super expensive
To vegetarian like us, we don't know the exact price for seafood dinner so I think is expensive to me, LOL

Therefore,  we request our Joe driver to bring us back to the Vegetarian restaurant on the first day one
We take away the food and have our second dinner in our own hotel room
That's only satisfied us ! hehe

Oh ya, along the Legian street, many local people will offered you "MUSHROOM"
which it is one kind of drug and do not try it as it is illegal in Bali ,
remember it !

That's all for my day 2 ! xoxo

Stay tuned for Day 3 =)

To contact Joe Driver,
wechat him : Penjor26


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