Friday, March 10, 2017

Japan Trip Day 1: Haneda Airport > Okubo Homestay

Hi to my readers,
I have been disappeared for a certain period as I was busy with my Anmyna sales

But somehow, I still managed to post my Japan trip articles as my memory still fresh now
I better post it now or else I might forget the information to share with you guys when you going to Japan.

This time I went to Japan with my mother and this was the first time I went trip with her sololy 
Thats why it was kinda big challenge for me as I used to be a hand free princess while I was travelling
and this time all the lugggages I have to carry myself and no longer depends to others else.

I focus my Japan trip more on Tokyo this time as the period to travel is short so I think better play in Tokyo is much enough. 
My OOTD wear for the first day when boarding to the plane.

It was a 7 hour flight from Kuala Lumpur to Haneda Airport (Japan)
It used up my whole day to sit on the plane by reaching there,

Here are the reminder for you,
If you want to travel to Japan, make sure you DON'T INCLUDE the go and return days 
as these 2 days consume your whole day and you can't do anything with it.

The flight I bought was one year ago during the cheap fares period
so my flight ticket cost RM908 including check in luggages. 
Many people told me that my flight ticket is soooooo cheap
For 7 hours flight, you can choose to pay higher a bit to sit on a more comfortable plane, trust me, you will be more comfortable and more enjoyable. 

Once I reached Haneda Airport, the temperature that day was 8 celcius degree and it was raining !
The weather was freezing cold and you must prepare all winter wear on your hand carry bag else you gonna freezed !
After taking our baggages, we went to look for KEIO LINE, a train station line which heading to the Shinagawa Station and transfer train to Shinjuku city centre. 
When you reached Keio Line Station in the airport, there will be a staff standing there and guide you on how to buy a Pasmo Card.
Pasmo Card is a must in Japan, it is so convenient that every train line can be used and even bus also can be used. Even shopping, you can use it to scan too !
We have loaded 5000 yen into the card and went into the Keio Line train
This was the first time I went into a Japan Train
and I saw all the Japanese people was so cool that they don't even look up to see the surroundings but keep playing with their phones. 

 Let me simplified the train station line:
Haneda Airport Keio Line > Shinagawan  

Step out from the train at Shinagawan station and walk to the opposite to wait for the train from:
Shinagawan > Shinjuku 

Our home stay was situated at Okubo area which is next to Shinjuku station, 
It is super convenient as Shinjuku is the main station for transfering to many train lines. 
The most important is the homestay situated 3 mins walking distance away from the Okubo Station, Super near right.

Our 5 nights stay cost : RM1700 including cleaning and service fees and booking through airbnb
Check here if you are interested: 

The kitchen equipments are sufficient and the fridge is large enough.
There is steam facility in the bathroom
so we never feel cold at all when we taking out bath. 

Trust me, you will never open the TV as you dont even understand what they are talking about.
Their air-conditioner do allowed to open to 28 celcius degree
and I can wear my short pant to sleep during the 5 nights for the whole trip. =D

 Since we reached here was kinda late night,
so we walked in to nearby 24 hours restaurant to have a simple dinner
as I didnt take any meal since the 7 hours flight except 2 breads.
I was starving like hell and thank god the restaurant save my life.

 This was the first time we use vending machine to order food
and you know their vending machine did provide English version for us
So glad that we ordered succesfully for the first time using vending machine. haha

Their food is super nice  !
Pure Tofu Soup 

Kimchi Rice Set with Miso Soup 

Our dinner cost 900 yen for 2 person
It is consider super cheap already compare to others restaurant
You will know more soon.

Thats all for the first day in Japan
and more posts to upload 
Please stay tuned guys

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