Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Japan Trip Day 2: Asakusa Sensoji Temple > Tokyo Skytree

Second day in Japan 

Getting started with the schedule that I planned initially
Many of you might wonder ,
seriously ??
two places in one day only ??
YES , to me YES,
because this was my first time travel in Japan
and I was totally zero knowledge on their metro train line.

Reminder: remember to spare some time to understand how the metro line run
or else you will stay inside the station and figuring out how for ages. 

The first station we go will be ASAKUSA TEMPLE
the one of the famous tourist temple spot in Tokyo

Here's the way to reach Asakusa :

  • Take Toei Shinjuku to BakuroYokoyama, walk to Higashi Nihonbashi station (3 min) and take the Toei Asakusa line to Asakusa. (19 minutes) cost  260 yen

  •  Take Chuo Line to Kanda and transfer to the Ginza Line ( 26 minutes ) cost 320 yen.

Note that : Ginza Line is closer to Sensoji than the Asakusa Station of the Toei Asakusa Line

I took the first option to reach Asakusa as it take much lesser time to reach.
Here is the first travel picture I took in Japan once I stepped out from the station

The Sensoji Temple is quite near to the station
Along the road to the Sensoji Temple, just follow the crowd as they were going to the same destination like you. 

The door with this big lattern is a tourist spot too
many people will stop by and take picture with their significant lattern. 

Before reaching the Sensoji Temple, 
you will pass through a street with full of food and souvenirs for us to buy.

Oh yes , remember to check the weather forecast everyday in Japan
as their forecast is quite accurate
we knew that that day will be a raining day so we brought umbrella along with us
Umbrella cost 750yen which is quite expensive for us and we bought 2 umbrellas.

You will see this library when you going to reach the Sensoji Temple
and it was not open for public
so let's move on heading to the temple. 

Bought this fried custard to have a try
I don't think it taste nice at all
but everyone is queuing for it, I don't know why....

Before you enter the temple
remember to wash your hand at here,
There will be a guidance direction for you on the steps of washing your hands. 

Wash your left hand first and then right hand and at last rinse with your mouth
everyone is doing the same thing
so you just follow them as well. LOL

Finally, we reached the Sensoji Temple !

you will find that this box always appeared in every Japan's temple
They used to make a wish with a coin and after finish wishing
they will throw the coin into the box

Their Japan God

It started to rain after we finish our visit to Sensoji Temple
the rain was quite heavy and I don't know why I was so stupid that I choose to walk to the Tokyo Skytree. 
Even though if we take the metro train, it was just next station after Asakusa station
so we thought it was quite near especially I read that they walked to the tokyo skytree too from a trip blogger
so end up, I thougth it was near. 
But pleaseeee, take the metro train, it was not near at all and that day was raining heavily 
we walked around 8 minutes to reach the tokyo skytree in such freezing and wet weather.
so torturing you know.

The Tokyo Skytree

There were many food to choose with inside the Tokyo Skytree
I did not plan to buy ticket to view the city from the Tokyo Skytree initially
and somemore that day was raining, 
it was not worth to see the view without clear view

so end up we just shop around inside the mall
and there are variety of food for you to choose with. 

I ordered Ipuddo Ramen from the food court which cost around 980yen
I still prefer Malaysia Ramen, it taste much nicer than Japan one.
Japan Ramen taste much lighter flavouring than Malaysia one
and you know Malaysian has heavier taste bud than others. 

Dont forget to buy Tokyo Banana inside the mall,
there is a tokyo banana shop which selling the sponge cake in variety flavour

remember to shop their supermarket,
there were many things for you to explore inside the supermarket 
as their strawberry taste super sweet ! Must try
and don't forget to try their greentea ice cream
You will see a lot of Japanese is having ice cream
and you will know how nice it taste like !

We had our dinner while on the way back to our homestay

Ramen again
My mom ordered Yassai Ramen
which is full of vegetables one

I ordered the normal one but I passed the meat to my mom

This 2 bowls of ramen cost us around 1700 yen
As the restaurant is not ordered by vending machine
so their food will be much more expensive compare to self service those.

We passed by a snack shops that sell variety of snacks while we
were on the way back home so we stopped by and started to shop for snack even though
it just the second day we were in Tokyo LOL

Stay tuned for my next post. 

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