Monday, March 27, 2017

Japan Trip Day 4: Shinjuku > Meiji Shrine > Shibuya Crossing > BAPE Store

Forth day in Japan willl be a money burning day as we choose to walk around the city area
Supposingly the schedule should be walk from
Shinjuku > Harajuku > Shibuya
But I was not feeling well on that day so I have postponed some places to the next following days 

Since I was not feeling well on that day
I have took lesser pictures compared to the past few days
Even though we went to Shinjuku,
but there is nothing much for me to walk though
except visiting the Isetan to shop for YSL
and visit Isetan food heaven places where you will see a lot of nice tiny food displayed inside the glass cabinet.

Oh ya , we have bought a 3 days of metro DAY PASS which can take the metro line for unlimited times which cost around 1500yen for 3 days
It is more worth for us if we would plan to travel to many places via the metro line.
After Shinjuku, we took metro line to Meiji Shrine Station
and Meiji Shrine is just beside the station only after walked for 10 mins to step out from the station
But I will recommend to take JR line to reach at Harajuku Station which is much nearer to Harajuku and Meiji Shrine

We have to walked almost 1 kilometres of distance to reach the main place
I was like : OH MY GOD ! I am going to faint soon !

After walked for 20 minutes, we reached the main gate finally.
Omg, I was like THANK GOD ! I just did it !

Same to Asakusa Temple, we have to wash our hands and gargle with it before we enter the temple.

It was such a great opportunity for us to witness the Japanese wedding ceremony
Their wedding ceremony is so quiet and strict
No one is smiling or showing happy face, they just walked to the temple with no expression face. 
Unlike Malaysia, our wedding ceremony is much more full of happiness and joyness.
I prefer Malaysia wedding ceremony compared to Japan one.

Wishing cards was written at here if you wish something to come true,
The wishing cards behind me become my background of the photo.

Once we walked out from the Meiji Shrine exit,
we were lost as the entrance and exit of Meiji Shrine was different at all
So end up we have to use google maps to search for nearest station 
and is quite far from Harajuku Station already
So we just take the metro train to Shibuya directly

Shibuya is famous in their Shibuya crossings
and that day was a weekend, so I bet the shibuya crossing will not disappointed us
and yes, the crowded was insane !
We still can saw few photographers setting up their camera to shoot the spectacular crossing. 

Let see how spectacular Shibuya Crossing was !

After 3 continuous days of eating ramen, my mom and I was quite bored on Ramen and was like hunting for others food besides Ramen.

So we just stopped by a Hong Kong restaurant in Shibuya
and had a great lunch with our chinese-used-to-have meals

We ordered 2 different flavours of fried rice and a bowl of egg soup.
It cost around 1900 yen for 2 fried rice and a bowl of soup.
But the food taste nice except the soup.

After lunch, we shop for Anello bags and jackets
I saw many people wearing this kind of jackets nowadays walking on the street
so I would like to tried something new for me too as my boyfriend owned a piece of jacket with this kind of color too, thought of having a couple jacket with him but we never wore together at all after I bought. LOL

That day was the day we bought a lot of ANELLO bags too !
I thought it was hard to find ANELLO bags in Tokyo as we cant find any of it when we were in Shinjuku
But we found that Harajuku and Shibuya shops selling a lot of design of Anello bags !
My mom was kinda regret when she bought the bag too early when there is limited design to choose only in the previous shop
Don't buy Anello bags too early if you would like to have more designs to choose with.
Go for Harajuku street, there will be tons of it at there.

Shibuya is an interesting place to walk thou as you will see many kinds of interesting things and selling interesting items that you may not discover yet in your life

I visited Shibuya Bape Store too as BAPE is their Japan branding and it sell much cheaper for sure
Many people who love streetwear style will come for it and buy their favourite BAPE wearings.
I have to queue up before I can enter the store as they allowed a certain number of customers enter to the BAPE store only. Ridiculous right?
But Bape is considered a branding in Japan so it is common for them.

After Bape store, we ended our day as the sun going to set soon
and I was not feeling well at all
so we rest earlier on that day.

Please stay tuned for the Japan Trip Day 5 ya.
More interesting pictures to come.

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