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New Zealand Trip: Day 2 Hobbiton Movie Set > Rotorua

We woke up early in the morning at 5am and yes, we were like zombie on that morning
as you know we not used to the time zone difference of 4 hours earlier at here
so end up we didn't sleep early on last night, just slept 4-5 hours only and is not enough.

But the passengers inside the van did have a short nap in the car except the driver,
my friends are the best, XD
Along the journey, we did some diesel refuel which cost NZD7.50 (RM22.50) per person
Some more the van is fuel by DIESEL which cost cheaper than petrol. 

Since we had extra little time before we reach Hobbiton, we stopped by at the road side for photo taking session

 Our group picture , just find out we hardly take picture together 

we had booked the hobbiton online before we reach, you can buy on the spot too but the time might different as what you expected,
I remember the bus I sat that day was I think pre book is better for this tour.
We choose to board the bus from Matamata I Site and our bus boarding time was 930am
yay ! we reached earlier and had time for photo taking again
The price for Hobitton Movie Set Tour cost NZD79 (RM237) per person

This is our gathered point to board the bus here

The bus journey took around half an hour to reach the Hobbiton main place,
they will explain and revised back the Hobbit house in the movie through TV inside the bus

There will be a tour guide inside the bus went along with us
and she will bring this tour and all we need to do is follow her or else we might miss the bus to go back to the city there
The tour guide explained which scenario appeared inside the movie and what the character was doing that time at that certain place

Hobitton Little House

The Hobbits' clothes were hanging under the sun and they were in mini size

The tour guide was walking too fast, and we don't even have more time to take more picture on each houses, and was like a rushing tour, not really worth to pay for this after I came here
If you are Hobbit fans, maybe you would like here
but to me, I felt rushing and too many tourists at this place which ruined the scenario.

The tour was around 1.5 hour,
 before back to the bus,
she brought us to one of the Hobbit house to rest and everyone got a FREE cup of apple cider drinks
The apple cider consoled me that: okay, at least got a free drink too

Look, that's another of my friend !
He always ruined my picture purposely when I was taking picture LOL

The Hobbit's washroom is awesome nice too !
They were made of wooden. so cute.

Before back to the original place we board on the bus,
the bus will stopped by at THE SHRINE I SITE for around 15 minutes 
We can shop for Hobbit souvenirs or their signature items at here.

But they were not cheap,
look at the price behind this freak 
It is not cheap at all

The view from THE SHRINE I SITE is pretty amazing
Look at the sheep !
This is called NEW ZEALAND.

On the way heading to ROTORUA, we walked in to a supermarket
You know, their supermarket is like a HEAVEN
even the wine, there are so many choices and brand for you
and the price is super cheap only

Cheapest price of the wine cost only NZD 8.99 (RM27)
I did bought one bottle of the wine from here XD

The Rotorua Government Garden, free admission and the tourists like to take picture with the building behind me
Oh ya, that's the government building of ROTORUA.
There was a hot spring pool nearby here with walking distance
but the smell is terrible with heavy sulphur smell.

Beautiful sky !

After visiting government garden, we visited the LAKE ROTORUA
Seriously, the view at here is fantastic.

The sun set at the right time and the lake is super blue.
The lake even can reflect the sky view, is like a big mirror.
I am sure that you will take a lot of pictures at here just like I did.

Let me summarise again
From Auckland to Hobitton Matamata I site took 2 hours journey
From Hobbiton Matamata I site to Rotorua took 1 hour journey

We went back to Auckland again after the sky turn dark
Rotorua is a nice place to explore, just too bad that I spent majority of the time at Hobbiton
and unable to explore Rotorua more
I will definitely explore again if I come back next time

Stay tuned for my DAY 3 post.

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