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New Zealand Trip: Day 3 Christchurch Airport> New Reagent Street> Christchurch Cathedral

Day 3 in New Zealand is considered as just the beginning of our journey 
New Zealand has northern island and southern island,
we must landed at northern island first as that is the only Auckland International Airport in New Zealand
Just like Malaysia KLIA, when we fly overseas, we have to go to KLIA or KLIA2
because they are the international airport

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Same to New Zealand, we have to landed at Auckland first before we fly to Christchurch again through their domestic flight
Day 3 in New Zealand is the day that we have to fly to the southern island to begin our exploration
If you ask me why need to take flight instead of drive, I will answer to you that my journey period is too short to let me explore the whole New Zealand sweetie,
If you have sufficient of time, you can travel from Auckland to Wellington by car and then take a ferry to the southern island without flight
But trust me, you need at least 5 to 7 days to travel the whole northern islands
and 12-16 days to travel the whole southern islands 
Yes, southern island is too big and we can't explore every places in such short period.

We took Jetstar flight which cost around NZD300 (RM900) 
The flight is return flight which from Auckland to Christchurch then Queenstown back to Auckland
Before we fly, my family prepared breakfast for us at YHA Auckland hostel kitchen
My breakfast on Day 3.

The flight took around one hour to reach and yep ! 
Here we go !
Southern island weather is much cooler than northern island,
I still remember that day was 3 degree celsius in Christchurch

Our family photo at Christchurch Airport

We were fetched by our chosen car rental company - APEX company 
They sent us to their office and did some procedure of registration and payment
They also taught us how to tight the chain 
The chain is used to prevent slippery of the car when there is snow on the road
But at last we didn't use it at all as we did not meet any snow during our travel. 

This is how the chain being tight on the car tyre

We rent their car for 7 days cost around NZD120 (RM360)  per person
while the petrol refuel amount and sum up cost around NZD209 (RM627)
By dividing to 5 person, each person need to pay around NZD42 (RM126) for the petrol refuel

Our stay at Christchurch is named as 53 Southern Comfort Motel
It charge RM468.70 for 5 pax,
as we booked via online so the price shown will be in Ringgit Malaysia

Let me show you the surrounding of our stay

That day, 5 June was their QUEEN'S DAY, 
many shops closed on that day and we can only take picture with the building only
Moreover, it was drizzling all day long in Christchurch
The temperature was super low that day and we were freezing cold

The first place we visited was NEW REAGENT STREET
a place full of light color of paint on their building and it seems like symbolize peace 
This is the place where you can definitely feel the western culture at here

Next will be Christchurch Cathedral
since it is near to the New Reagent Street, 
we just walked to here instead of getting back to our car

This church is beautiful and had caught my attention when I was walking approached it,
even though the building was damaged by the earthquake incident,
but the building is still look perfect magnificent 
and it is not allowed to enter since the earthquake tragedy,
but I was proud to be here and saw this magnificent building with my own eyes.

At night, we had a quick shopping at Westfield Riccarton shopping mall
This mall was recommended by the local here 
and we came here to avoid freezing from the weather too.
Taking picture with Gavin

For the dinner part, my lovely family cooked salted chicken rice when back to our stay
I m vegetarian so they fried an egg for me to eat together with the rice and vegetables.

That's all for the night in Christchurch
More pictures coming up !
Stay Tuned

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