Wednesday, July 12, 2017

New Zealand Trip: Day 4 Hagley Park > Geraldine > Lake Tekapo

Day 4 in Christchurch is a lovely day to me
as my uncle made a great breakfast for me 
Some more he made 2 EGGS BURGER, 
I felt so full after I have eaten the 2 burgers in one shot OMG

You know we always scare constipation problem happen on us when we are traveling overseas
and yes
90% of people will get constipation when traveling
so I always eat my DIY yogurt which bought from supermarket
Just cut a lot of fruits and put inside the natural tasteless yogurt will do.

Packing our things and checked out from the Christchurch 
Then we headed to the Hagley Park in Christchurch for photo taking session before leaving here
Hagley Park is too big, there even categorized as north and south part of Hagley Park
We just parked our rented car along the road just like others cars did and had a short walk at here

What so special about this park is they planted a lot of pine trees 
and these trees are older than us, between 50 years - 100 years.
Besides, the park is full of western country culture,
Asians like me do feel the different feelings when we walked along the park.

After a healthy morning walk, we headed to Lake Tekapo for our next destination stay.
From Christchurch to Lake Tekapo took around 3 hours 

PS: Please bear in mind that if you wish to visit Lake Tekapo, 
don't ever book any accommodation at Franz Josef, 
that was totally two different routes and it took 5 hours from Lake Tekapo to Franz Josef.

We did stop by at Geraldine town along the journey to Lake Tekapo
Guess what ?
Geraldine is a super small town and the population is super small
I can't see much people walking on the road though

Yes I was at Geraldine
This town is pretty but too quiet 

When we were driving out from the Geraldine town, we saw thousands of sheep were busy grazing the grass !

We stopped by and took a lot of pictures with the sheep
You know, the significant of New Zealand is the sheep and cows with the mountains XD

No doubt, the view is super magnificent
and I almost can't breathe normally by looking at the view along the road to Lake Tekapo

There was several lookout points along the road which allowing the cars to stop by and take picture with the amazing view
I guess there are no reason for me not to stop by as the view is super fantastic !

Before we were going to reach Lake Tekapo,
there were several parts of the road was cover with fog
and we can't see any view and car which come in front of us
Seriously, it was quite danger and the person who was driving must pay full attention on the road

But, when we reached Lake Tekapo
Thank god that the view at Lake Tekapo is clear 

I still remember every part of my skin exposed to the air was in pain by the super cold temperature at here
It was 2 degree here ! 
I can't focus on taking much pictures just because I can't feel my hand at all
I was so glad and touched that my mom willing to take picture for me with her naked exposing hand without gloves ( You know the phone is not sensitive when we wear gloves)
Love you mom for the amazing pictures of me !

I have no idea why I need to stand on the rocks to take picture LOL

This is much better XD

We stayed YHA Lake Tekapo at that night
which cost around NZD 37.30  ( RM112) per pax
This time the room we get was a big room which allow to sleep 7 person
but luckily that night there are sufficient of rooms around so the room only five of us sleeping that night.

Our dinner on that night,
the ingredients was bought when we stopped by Geraldine since noon time

The weather is too cold at here
The staff had to burn the wooden blocks for increasing the temperature inside the hostel.

Since Lake Tekapo is famous in viewing the star galaxy at night
so we came out and drove to the Church of Good Shepherd to view the galaxy
The temperature was 0 degree that time 
and we wore 6 pieces including the sweater and covered ourselves as much as possible

It was super cold that time even though we wore so many pieces within us,
we still feel super cold when we stood a few minutes exposing to the weather.

I can't imagine it had turn to minus 1 degree !
This was the first time I experience minus degree temperature in my life !
Of course don't mention about those human made winter experiencing room,
this is the nature weather of winter temperature and I experienced it !

Our "messy" room in YHA LAKE TEKAPO
I m the youngest among them so I m the only one slept on the upper deck
while my family slept on the lower deck
But I prefer to sleep at upper deck still since I always used to sleep at upper deck whenever we stayed this kind of double decker hostel. *laughs*

That's all for the day in Lake Tekapo,
stay tuned for Day 5 ya

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