Sunday, January 11, 2015

2014 Phuket Trip Oct Day 3

As I mentioned previously about Phuket,
Kata beach is better than Patong beach. 
So the last day at Phuket, we spent our time at Kata Beach !

Since Kata Beach is just outside our hotel room,
we packed our things like going to picnic mood LOL
Somemore our hotel was so kind that provide a basket like picnic style
for us with two towels inside it,
so we carried it along to our beach for a "PICNIC" lol

Once we saw the beach, I was like "WOW" , awesome beach !

The sun on that day is just too good for playing at the beach 
and the windy surrounding suitable for us to sleep under the coconut tree
That's why many ang mo slept under the tree, even with naked body. LOL

Nice beach , nice day , nice weather !
Can't wait to jump into the sea !
But have to applied sun cream to avoid Asians people like me get sun burn or tanned. 

Here we go !
Playing water at the beach !
The wave was too strong that we were told not to swim but play. hehe

To show how big the wave was, 
here is the proof of this picture. hahhaha
sorry for him. 

NG picture 

The picture while playing at the beach will look a lil bit dull
as we put our camera inside the waterproof bag
that's why the color of the picture get effected !

But it did not affect my mood on giving the wave to beat me 
That's a nice massage thou.

Look at the wave ! 
Such a big wave that washed away his black spec at last.
Poor little thing.

After playing enough with the unbeatable wave, 
its time for me to sleep under the tree like others ANG MO did. 
experience their lifestyle , how nice it could be. 

and that's really relax and calm !
Nice place to relax at here, 
definitely will try it again when I go to the beach next time.

We bought some alcohol drinks and pancake to eat under the tree
and there he go, going into tipsy situation,
and he slept so deep that I not willing to wake him up,LOL

After spending 3 hours playing at KATA BEACH, 
we went back to our Metadee Resort and have a morning swim at the last day in Phuket. 

Afternoon, we walked to the nearby street to buy fruits and maggi cup with our 
swimming wear , everyone did that, so do we. LOL

We enjoyed ourselves in the room for the whole afternoon
by sitting at the balcony , eating the fruits, 
looking at the people swimming in the pool,
What a great life, 

Evening , we drove to Patong town to hunt for food.
His friend introduced him a nice restaurant which we can eat facing to the sea, 
so, there we went by searching through GPS. 

Pan Yaah

Pan Yaah

Opening Hours: Daily 11:00 – 23:00
Address: 249 Prabaramee Road (Beach Road) Kalim
Tel: 076 290 450 

The price at here is quite average with their romantic atmosphere provided
I think I strongly recommended to my readers of you went to Patong. 
Their food is super nice and delicious. Vegetarian available at here too.

Whenever came to Thailand, Massage definitely is a thing to try at here.
I think almost everyday we had our massage here. hehe
Cheap and comfortable.

After massage, we went to the most happening pub in Patong
Tai Pan Disco 

The beer here is cheaper 100x than in Malaysia.
But I can't enjoy much as too many Thai girls serving the guys
which distract me that I keep looking at those pretty faces.LOL

 Last but not least, did enjoy drinking their beer
but not music.
That's my life in Phuket for this 3 days, 
I hope you did enjoy reading my blog. xoxo

Stay tuned to next blog >> Taiwan Trip. 
which I just came back from Taiwan recently.

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