Tuesday, October 11, 2016

BALI 2016 Trip: Day 1 Landing & Journey to Nusa Lembongan

Hi to my dear readers, finally I had the chance to fly again after my university hell life
This time, I went to Bali again for 4 days 3 nights. 
Bali is big to me, many places need time to explore, and this time
I explored new place again and you must be excited to know it !

Let's had my full breakfast before depart. You know I always eat whenever I want. 

The greatest challenge for me is I fly alone this time,
I learnt to be independent and fly alone and back alone, carry my own luggage and fly.

The flight I bought was RM600 including checked baggage for return way. 
You can book a cheaper flight if you book one year earlier before you fly.
Well, after 2 hours plus of sitting on the flight like a stone statute, 
I have landed BALI safely ! Can't wait to swim in the beach. 

The first day in Bali, the locals stamping passport staff had cheered me up
by trying to praise me that I did look like Malaysia actress or singer,
He looks sincere on praising me by that way and he cheered my day up !
Oh yea, so happy to be praised by someone. hehe

I did hire car tour for my 4 days trips, and you can try to hire him too 
His wechat is : Penjor26, Mr Bali Jo
He is a nice preson and he willing to plan  itinerary for you and you can add the place you want too.

So get back to my topic,
once I landed in Bali, I have been picked up by my driver and we straight headed to Sanur Beach
to take the boat transportation heading to the Nusa Lembongan.

I have request the driver to stop by a local money changer for us to change money
as Bali currency rate is better compare to Malaysia currency
so everyone will like to change money in Bali when they reached.

The last boat for Sanur Beach will be start at 5PM
Our tour guide afraid that we will late and thats why he send us to there immediately 
But I found out it is too early to reach here hence I had my late lunch at the restaurant here 
while waiting for the boat to come.

The boat ticket is not cheap to me, it cost RM133 for return way per pax
I have bargain so hard and this is the best price I got. sigh
But the boat is fast and I have studied that those cheaper price boat is not speed boat
which means the longer time to reach the island and it is super slow.
So, it depends all by your decision. 
The driver for the first day cost RM50 by fetching us from airport to the Sanur Beach.

Lunch with the sea view 

 The boat took 20-30 minutes to reach the island and yes it included transportation to the hotel too.
I was surprised that the island is big to me
and those online bloggers say can reach by walking, I think is not a great idea to walk at there.
Try to rent a motorbike or rent a buggy car to explore the whole islands

Their price is not cheap at all, but that is the only solution to pay for exploring.
After arriving to the island, the people will send you to the hotel you stay which including in the boat service ticket.

Well, I thought my hotel is nice and great as it nearby the beach that I dream for it.
But nightmare came once I entered the room, all the room full with mosquitoes !

It is Abian Huts, booked from Agoda.com and the room in real is worst than the picture shown in website. But it is definitely cheaper if you want a place to stay in an ideal location and it is super close to the beach. This is it. RM200 per night and no toileteries facilities, remember to prepare your own shampoo and shower if you choose to stay here. 

The bathroom is outdoor bathroom which means it looks dark during the night,
so I purposely open music from my phone while I was using the toilet. 

How do I settle the mosquitoes issue in the room?
I borrowed the mosquitoes spray from the lobby and use it and switch on the air con to max cold
and leave the room like that and headed for dinner at night. 

I had my dinner at the Dream Beach Huts Resort Restaurant which they have the great ideal location 
Their resort is facing towards the beach and I was so regret that I didn't book for this resort.
Nevermind, I will come back to this island again. 

Red wine with the night sea view.

 I ordered carbonara pasta here but I don't think their food is nice
as you see in the picture, the carebonara doesn't look tasty at all and yes it taste not nice.

So I will write until here for the Day 1 post in Bali
Please stay tuned for my great itinerary in Bali

Let me summarized my expenses for Day 1 with the flights:

Return Flight RM600
Driver RM50
Boat RM133
Abian Huts Resort RM200
Dinner RM50

Total: RM1033

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