Friday, October 21, 2016

BALI 2016 Trip: Day 4 All the way back to Kuta

The 4th day in Bali is the last day before departing back to Malaysia. 
Firstly, let my phone had her breakfast first. haha

My signature western breakfast.

Croissants in basket 

My favourite french toast !

After breakfast, is time to proceed the check out and saying
goodbye to Anulekha Resort and Villa

I had requested my tour guide to take pic on my injured leg picture 
So this is the outcome of that day. hahahaha

Supposingly going back to Kuta
But since the waterfall in Ubud is considered as an attraction to visit 
so he dropped by me and pay for a ticket entrance to enter
It is not worth for me to visit waterfall as I can't even walk down the steps to reach the waterfall.

Sigh, next time must come and swim at here when I am able to walk properly again. 
By the way, the waterfall is quite beautiful. 

Took around 1-2 hours to reach Kuta and here I was at Kuta Beach
Enjoying the sea view and sun bathing with a bottle of Sprite.
Bought a bottle of Sprite and you can get a free chair with an umbrella to sit by facing the sea. 
But of course, if you too sit too long, the seller will come approach you to buy another drinks again.
So, just buy if you wish to sit here,.

It was so fast to reach the time of 1pm and I have to meet my tour guide at 1pm as set.

He brought me to the local indonesia restaurant to have lunch
and it cost around IDR 9,000 for a plate of mixed rice and a free soup.
The food is nice but their local food is too spicy for me,
even their black bean soup is spicy too.
But overall is tasty and delicious.

After lunch, I have told the tour guide to made an appointment for Balinese Spa
In Bali, is a must to try their spa as different country having their own style of spa
I always felt asleep whenever I had spa in Bali
and this time I came back here to have their service again.
IDR450,000 per pax, around RM150 per pax for 2 hours spa
including leg spa, body massage, body scrub, yogurt mask and bath tub for 15 mins

Having the last dinner and dessert in airport before departing back to Malaysia
I have my lunch around RM30 for this.

The greatest memory of this Bali Trip is the SIGNIFICANT Dream Beach
and I swear I will come back to this beach again one day. 

Expenses for 4th day:
Ticket entrance for waterfall: RM10
Kuta Beach drinks : RM20
Lunch: RM3
Bali Spa: RM150
Dinner: RM30

Total Expenses: RM213

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