Wednesday, October 12, 2016

BALI 2016 Trip: Day 2 Exploring Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Ceningan

Morning to second day in Bali Nusa Lembongan,  the day is completely brighten since 5am 
so I can't even sleep more as the shines of the sun has waken me up.

My resort breakfast is not ready yet since the breakfast session started at 7am
so I decided to take a short walk to the nearby attraction
The Devil's Tear

It is too early and it is not high tide yet so I still can't see the big splash of water on the cliffs. 
Too bad for me to pick the wrong time to visit but I am too free as nothing for me to do before my breakfast. hahaha

Let see the soft type of devil tears which if your eye sharp enough,
you might see the rainbow ! and yes, I saw the rainbow appeared over and over again whenever
the waves beat the cliff and the mist sprayed out moment. 

Abian Huts Resort's breakfast is so so for me, so I don't have any mood to take picture on my breakfast and the lobby has no fan at all, what I want to do on that moment was quickly finish my breakfast and back to my room for air cond rescue. LOL
It is kinda dissapointed when the resort banners mentioning free shuttle service 
but end up in reality they did not provide any free transportation for guests at all.
So, I walked to the road and ask for a fetch so the driver charge me 
IDR 25,000 (RM9) which send me to the Junggut Batu
Junggut Batu is the location where is considered as part of the crowded tourists area
as many tourists drop off from that place.
I hire a driver with RM67 to fetch me to the yellow bridge in Nusa Ceningan for Blue Lagoon
I felt that is not worth at all afterall when he just dropped me here and after 3 hours he picked me up again, WTF, the only choice is LEARN TO RIDE A MOTOR in this island.
It is super far distance to reach Blue lagoon from the yellow bridge,
Try to find the locals to fetch you to here and sent you back to the yellow bridge.
Oh ya, you can see there is a lot of seaweed planted beneath the sea by the locals
I saw she was laying the seaweed to dry in the sun when I walked along the road towards blue lagoon.

I asked for the locals to fetch me to Blue Lagoon and end up they want take picture with me WTF
They charge me RM14 for return ride and he keep want to picture with me =.=
I was so speechless but as long as he didn't harm me, I felt better to let him take picture. LOL

By the way, the view of the Blue Lagoon is awesome. 

Once you saw the great and bluish ocean, the long distance journey to reach here and the toleration with the guy did worth it. No regret to come here and I felt proud to myself that I did do research on this island and even the foreigner also follow my bike behind to reach here, wow, this had motivated me so much to do more research in future for every of my single trip. hehe

After Blue Lagoon, I back to my Abian Huts Resort to carry out check out procedure and keep the luggage in the lobby before I headed to Dream Beach.
The only main reason I come to Nusa Lembongan is because of Dream Beach. The Beach is super blue and nice, I never so in love with a beach like this before. Too beautiful to be describe. 

Unfortunately, the waves of the beach is super big. So, not much swimmers dare to go into the beach for a swim, and I am the one of the swimmers and I sprained my knee when the waves pull back, Oh shit, that's my nightmare started. But still, I enjoyed the beach so much !

I paid a RM17 for entrance fee to swim in the Dream Beach Huts Resort, their swimming pool is facing the beach, and yes, you can enjoy the full view of the sea by swimming in their pool.

The pool depth is super deep, not much Asians willing to swim in the pool as the depth is incrediblely deeeeeeep. But the edge of the pool did provide a steps for us to stand on, thank god. LOL

The only thing is Blue in my eyes. 

I took my lunch at the Dream Beach Huts resort too by having a sea view and yes the restaurants full of tourists having their meal with the blue sea view too just as I did. 

I have ordered this Mozarella Pizza which is suitable for vegetarian one
It cost around RM 25

The Dream Beach View, this is the life that we should try !
Enjoy the beach through this video 
I left this great place at 330pm as the driver pick me up at 330pm to the jetty to get back to the mainland of Bali, definitely will come back again for this beach as long as it still remain the same blue as now.

My nose and face got tanned seriously as I didn't apply any sun block before I exposed under the sun, and yea, I looked like tanned shit face now. T.T
Let me summarized my expenses for the 2nd day in Bali:
Ride to Junggut Batu : RM9
Car to Yellow Bridge: RM67
Ride to Blue Lagoon : RM14
Entrance to swim : RM17
Pizza Lunch : RM25
Total for second day: RM132
Stay tuned for my 3rd day in Bali.

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