Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Vegetarian Fine Dining at Barat Bangsar

Apologize to this outdated for ages of my birthday dinner post. 
I m going to write this post to introduce a newly place for the vegetarians and of course the non vegetarians too.
A vegetarian like me always hunt for something new for vegetarian food,
you know, interesting food attracts people, agree??

I am so lucky to found out this vegetarian fine dining restaurant through my friend intro,
and yes, I tried this restaurant on the day I had my birthday dinner. 

The location is not match with the fine dinning theme and the owner is environment lover
which he use all his effort to let the most of his restaurant items were used by recycable items.
The ambience of the restaurant is not as great as the five star fine dining restaurant in the hotel.
But trust me, you have to try once in ur life as their food is super duper nice !

The owner will come to your side and explain everything about the ingredients he took and the recycable items used by his restaurant. 
The main point that attracts me was he mentioned that all his vegetables are organic and planted by his own farm in Janda Baik if I not mistaken.

Before the course started to be serve, we were served by healthy oat grain bread with their sauce they made. 

Oh ya, this vegetarian restaurant did serve wine too as fine dining should match with wine,
don't you agree?? hmm.

The first course served was the Pumpkin soup,
I felt like wanna order one more after finish it, it taste great !

Next course served will be the salad course matched with fried orange.
Yes, I didnt type wrong,
is Fried Orange ! It taste nice, that's special. 
It is hard to have fried orange in others place i guessed?
So why don't try here? 

My favourite asparagus inside in the next following course with the eggplants
and the other side seems like nuts and grain which is benefit to your body I think.

Next course, mini pizza?
You can't imagine the fried things inside is containing non meat food right?

This course is worth to try as it have blue cheese within the balls food
and the leaf is import from others country as he mentioned which you cant get in Malaysia
The blue cheese tastes so nice ! Satisfied with it. 

No doubt, the food on top of it was burning !
The burning effect is to release the smell of the leaves to the food,
sounds special to me and I guess same to you too.

Aglio Oglio Pasta which taste a lil bit spicy but is mild to the people who don't eat spicy,
I love the way how he cook with the black pepper mixing with mushroom,
it taste shoooooo nice !

Next following course after the Aglio Oglio was my super favourite dish !
The yummy and creamy CARBONARA !
You know what? It taste super nice and I was like going to order one more
for ala carte if my stomach is not full yet. LOL

They consider this as course too, the watermelon juice which I think should exclude it 
as I m not a watermelon lover, nor the drinks too. 

The last course will be fall on dessert part.
Durian cake on the left side taste exactly like you were eating durian at that moment you know.
Others dessert so far is normal to me but with satisfying mood indeed.

The 11 courses cost RM125 per pax and I think you should come once for try
as no one will ever think that vegetarian fine dining can be such nice and warming.

Lastly, happy birthday to me again. 

Barat Vegetarian Restaurant
19 Lorong Kurau, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. 
Closed Sundays. Tel: 03-2284-2119

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