Friday, July 17, 2015

Bangkok 2015: Picnic Hotel + Registration WV bootcamp + Union Mall

Hi, this is how my first day of Bangkok trip run, 
The flight we booked was 645am, meaning to say that 4am we have to leave our house and use our own way to reach the airport as no shuttle bus during the midnight. 
This is quite inconvenient to us, should suggest the shuttle bus start operating when 3 am since there are too many flights which departed on 6am onwards which really need a public transportation to reach there or else is super inconvenient for early flight depart passenger.

I exposed my naked face directly as I planned to continue my sweet dream in the airplane.
I came to Bangkok this time not for vacation purpose but business purpose which for Worldventure Bootcamp helding at Bangkok, so don't expect too much vacation trip from me for this 5 days trip hehe

The hotel was booked by the Worldventure Malaysia incharged person which I strongly recommend as this hotel is super new and they just open before the day we came.
More information about this hotel please refer to my blog link :

After our free and nice breakfast from picnic hotel, we have to move on to the Bootcamp place for registration for tomorrow bootcamp.

Picnic Hotel room

5 minutes walk to reach BTS station and city center. 40mins to reach Picnic Hotel included traffic jams and the cost of taxi fare around 200+ baht

Our worldventure held at ARENA IMPACT, which is a super big place for this type of event such as convention, concert or show exhibition. No train to reach there, so we have to take cab to reach there for registration. After 40 minutes from Mo Chit Station, we arrived at ARENA IMPACT which including traffic jam during on the way. The registration is HUGE, thank god we bought VIP ticket so we just skipped the queue directly. Their registration counters for VIP is a lot too, this is WORLDVENTURE. 

After registration, we went to UNION MALL for shopping session ! UNION MALL is a shopping mall which sells cheaper than Platinum Mall and quality much more nicer and better, but the choices at here is not as much as in Platinum Mall. I bought a lot of clothes at here , and I just spent almost 2000baht only for all the clothes which is so cheap !

How to go to UNION MALL ?
Chatuchak BTS Mo Chit >> Chatuchak MRT Chatuchak Park >> MRT Phahon Yothin

Once you reached, you definitely saw a big mall infront of you and yes, that is Union Mall.

The seller here is not good in speaking English and their customers are more likely are local Thailand people. Make sure you are ready to accept that they can't understand what you say at all and no discount allowed as their price is very low already so they dont allow to give you cheaper price anymore. 

This is how the mall look like, normal and not crowded shopping mall which I love shopping in non crowded area ! Much better than crowded and squeeze into the shop like sardine right ?

We have our dinner inside Union Mall too, I found that Union Mall restaurants all are Japanese and Korean food , not much choices for us to choose but we found a steamboat buffet at here so we decided to try on this - Shabu Shi Steamboat Buffet. 
Each person be charged on 300 baht and for vegetarian like us, we have not much choices like others do, But we did eat until we full. 

He is taking sushi which is included in the buffet price. 

It looks like sushi plate but it is steamboat ingredient moving on for us to choose what we want. 

The soup is so tasteless for both of us, wonder is it our taste bud belong to heavy type of they don't bother the soup quality ? But anyhow, we mix the sauce and chili by our own and made the taste which we prefer and comfortable with at last. 

Looks like I am starving at that moment and waiting to eat ! hehe

That's all for the first day at Bangkok,
stay tuned for the coming days of it. 

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