Friday, July 31, 2015

Bangkok: Vegetarians food + Mango Tango + Tha Maharaj

After WV bootcamp, we managed a day for our bangkok trip before we fly back to home.
Early morning, we stopped at Thong Lor BTS Station and went to SIT AND WONDER CAFE for our breakfast. 

Sit and Wonder Cafe did listed in Tripadvisor apps, you just need to type its name and it will show you the direction to reach here, there is vegetarian option on the menu which is in variety of choices for vegetarian like us. 
The environment is so nice and comfortable, the food, coconut drink did satisfy us and I willing to give them a good comment on it. 

Next, stopped by at this religious place again for paying back what we promised to.
Every year once I come to Bangkok, I will not missed the chance of paying a visit at here. 

Walked to Central World with their long sky bridge and have our lunch at MK STEAMBOAT RESTAURANT.
They did provide vegetarian steamboat menu, the price is affordable and the soup is clear soup which they clarified that is for vegetarian. Try here if you like to have steamboat during your trip at Bangkok. MK restaurant is quite popular in Bangkok as I saw it has many branches around the city area.

Yummy ! Fresh vegetable and the sauce they provided is nice !

MK restaurant order system is in touch screen system, 
looks like SAKAE SUSHI in Malaysia that kind of order way. 

I found out this CROISSANT TAIYAKI is quite famous on website recently, it is newly open in Central World and situated outside MK restaurant, many people were buying it so I join them too. 

I picked the cold custard and yes ! It taste so nice especially when the cold custard freeze inside your mouth. That's awesome ! The price is quite expensive as it just in smaller size and few bites to finish it already.

After that, walked along the sky bridge and walked down to SIAM SQUARE,
I have been searching for MANGO TANGO thrice for everytime I came to BANGKOK, 
but I always fail to search it, this time, we have asked the local pedestrians about the way to reach here. 
As I expected, always queuing for the seat. 

Ordered the two of them as it is recommended by the order taker, 

The environment is super comfortable especially when you just came from the super hot outdoor 

Waiting for our dessert to be serve

Not really like the taste of Mango Pudding, I just feel it is too normal for me.
The original mango fruit did satisfy my tongue and sticky rice is nice too.

This is extremely super nice ! I just like it so so much. LOL

At night, went to SAPHAN TAKSIN BTS station to take ferry to THA MAHARAJ, 
last year, I went to ASIATIQUE, but this year I saw website do recommend this place,
so I came here, out of my expected, the journey is so so far and it is a newly built place which a lot of shops not yet open and renovated and the whole area is super small, which I bet we can finish visiting every single place in 5 minutes. LOL

I think I have gotcha by the website, should not trust the website in everything, lesson learned.

The decoration of surrounding is sweet and artistic by the way.
The place for the dogs to pee, they made like this. LOL

Green building I guessed

Overall look for Tha Maharaj 

 I will visit again if all the shops had opened and start operating well. 

Dinner time , May Veggie Home, 
You can try look in Tripadvisor apps as it is listed under it
Take BTS train to ASOKE and walked around 3 mins and you will saw it. 

The price is not cheap at all and the quantity is small (honestly)
But the food taste so so nice ! Worth to try =)

Clear Tomyum soup always is my favourite one,
I can't really find clear soup tomyam in my housing area, 
But I can find this in Bangkok everywhere , I love it !

Coconut drink in Thailand always the best taste ever.

Green curry vegetable with rice, 
Trust me, this is super nice ! I nearly wanna order again if I m still starve.

Sweet and sour fish, I think is too sour for me but it did taste nice if eat with the white rice !

Last day in Bangkok before evening flight !

Having our breakfast at AFTER YOU DESSERT CAFE @ Siam Paragon
Not much people eat in the early morning,
so we just direct walk in instead of queuing 

The best seller.

AFTER YOU toast is much more nicer than our Malaysia one HARAJU CUBE, 
I don't know how to explain it, try it then you know the difference.

During lunch time, we have our lunch at Platinum Mall Food Court ,
It did have vegetarian food stall in the food court, 
but the taste of all the food is not nice at all and expensive !
I think I can cook even better than them !

Dropped by at The Orphanage Cafe at Siam Center too
High tea while waiting for the time to leave Bangkok.LOL

Always the unique decoration among others cafe.

Do visit Siam Center toilet, their toilet does not look like toilet at all 
I was shocked when I entered inside,
Terminal 21 is unique in each level of the toilet having the different country style of toilet design
But in Siam Center,
I saw a handbag in the display rack INSIDE THE FEMALE TOILET !!!!

The design is so so so so so UNIQUE !
Who created this idea ?! Brilliant.

The toilet is so modern as I never met this type of toilet in my life before, 
Well maybe you met a lot more,
But in Bangkok, this is my first time LOL

That's all for my Bangkok vacation
do stay tuned for my SEPTEMBER VACATION BLOG
The place I will visit will be....

Will tell you on SEPTEMBER !

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