Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Vegetarians: Umaiya Japanese Restaurant @ KLCC

Sorry for the long late outdated post which I mostly forgot when I went to KLCC thou
But the pictures still with me , so I still can introduce you all those nice food which I have inside KLCC
This time, I have my lunch at Umaiya Japanese Restaurant inside KLCC which situated at the highest floor of the shopping mall and I tell you what, it taste really nice !

I am less often introduce Japanese restaurant as their sushi which I can eat is almost the same sushi and same choices. But this time, Umaiya had impressed me a lot as they had something that attracts me inside the menu. 

Dating with her in KLCC, she always looks emo in the picture. LOL

The design of this restaurant is quite unique and quiet ambiance with the lighting effect which brought out the feel of relax and calm inside here, seriously.  

As I said, my only vegetarian sushi choices LOL

Chawanmushi is for my babes who is non vegetarian.

Kimchi dumpling taste yummy tooo, I mean ..erhmm.. to them. 

They served us like this , mini steamboat pot. Looks cute thou.

My favourite dish that day,
The soup with variety of mushroom inside and there are no meat in it.
The soup is the best match with the lime juice which provided when served to us.
The soup did appetite me when the lime juice added into it.
Best lunch ever on that day. So delicious ! 

The others dish which ordered by my friend.
Well, since it is not under categorized of vegetarian, 
so I would not comment anything on it as I always encourage people to be vegetarian LOL

The tofu is yummy !
It taste special, unlike others restaurant did, you can try this if you are tofu lover like me. 

I think Japanese restaurant did not provide much for vegetarian, 
but at least you did have some choices to choose if you walked in to there.


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  1. i always wanted to try out the vegetarian bed skill.


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