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Krabi Trip 2015: Day 1: Aspasari Hotel + Krabi Town

Hola ! Holiday mood came again especially my sembreak started
Luckily I decided to book for flight to Krabi one month before
The flight I booked was RM640 for 2 person.
Not a cheap deal as it is considered last minute plan so early booking is better to save the money.
We were so lucky as the currency of Malaysia Ringgit raise back to ratio of 1:9 to Thai baht instead of 1:8 last time before.
We chose to stay 4 days 3 night and hence we brought 11000 thai baht to go which is RM1,200.
We left 2000 thai baht at last which means that we have spent 9000 baht for this trips for 2 person, around RM500 for each person for this 4 days in expenses.(Not including hotel) 

Nowadays transportation is convenient to us.
We went to Premier Hotel Bukit Tinggi Klang to take bus to KLIA2, 1 hour of bus journey will reach. So make sure you go 4 hours earlier before the flight depart if you gonna choose to take bus.

My flight departure time was 1.15pm and 1 hour of flight to reach Krabi. We reached there at 130pm at Krabi airport in Thailand time ( Note that Thailand is different with Malaysia time for 1 hour) 

 Airasia flight again , always full in seated
No wonder Krabi is full of Malaysia people travelling around. 

Landed at Krabi Airport at 1.38pm. Krabi Airport is considered as a very small airport which the distance from terminal to front gate of airport is in a very short distance. Therefore, 2 hours before to reach here is enough before depart. Unlike KLIA2, too far to walk from front gate to terminal, therefore 3 hours is required. 

This is how Krabi Airport look like in front gate, 

Same like 2 years ago I came here, took a bus to Ao nang. Ao nang is a place where located at the beach side and many hotels and restaurants built at here. I can say Ao nang is a tourist place thats every food and cost spent is higher than in others places in Krabi.
The bus we took is the same, buy ticket inside the airport and tell the driver your hotel name. The driver will stop in front of your hotel. 

 Selfie in the bus since the journey to Aonang is 40minutes.

The guy behind us is looking at us. I think he kinda irritated with Mr's cute act.hahahha

Okay, when the bur driver shouted: Aspasari Aspasari !
We knew we had reach our hotel - Aspasari Hotel , a rated 3 star hotel in Ao nang Krabi.
The location of this hotel is super good, opposite of the hotel is all the food stalls which were cheap and delicious ! Beside the hotel has family mart, 7-eleven and massage center, which it is so convenient to me ! I like it so much especially I dare to walk out by my own to shop at 7eleven or buy a coconut drink at the opposite food stall. hehe

Since it is low season for them, the hotel cost only RM110 per night with spacious room, balcony, city view, big toilet and with my favourite bathtub !

The only not good is the TV i think, too small like a computer. LOL
The lobby staff is not so friendly also, they did not really welcome us when we check in. But never mind, it is 3 star rated, I would not to emphasize it.

Once we checked in, it was around 4pm already! We still not yet have our lunch yet, we were like starving kitten, hunting for food everywhere, and lastly we went to a "expensive" restaurant which we realized we were stupid to enter here. 

Pineapple fried rice 220 baht , expensive right ?
Who say expenses in thailand is cheap ?? To me is not, every food I ate at Thailand is much more expensive than Malaysia. Fried rice in Malaysia I think is around RM4 to RM8. But in Thailand, more than that. 

Tomyum Gung  240 baht , a very small bowl of the soup cost such expensive !
I can have this price in more classy restaurant in Malaysia, eating nice and delicious dinner already. LOL
The restaurant has no air conditioner at all, so I can't say the lunch we had is worth at all. We can have a better meal in better environment in Malaysia one. Don't you agree ??

While we rented the motorbike for 24hour with 200baht , we also bought the ride ticket to Krabi Town Night Market. A must go place at night if you never go before in Krabi, I never come to here at all in last 2 years, so we came here this time, never regret ! I love night market as always ! Many things to eat and the price is cheaper than in Aonang. 

The ride ticket to Krabi Town for return ride is 100baht per person. The van will reach your hotel at 6pm sharp. Make sure you waited at the lobby punctually. When we reached Krabi Town, the driver will inform us to wait him at the same place again at 9pm which means we have 2hours to spent at here. Why not 3 hours? The journey to Krabi Town has used up 40minutes , so I will considered it as 2 hours in night market. 

If I have a big stomach, I will try all the food at here ! Too much choices at here and I have no idea how I m gonna to choose !

Coconut Ice Cream 40baht , nice and cool  as usual. 

Bought this refrigerator stick and the seller will help you mark the words you wished to write on it. Special and cute design, quite a memorable items for me too. You know, I would hope that, one day, my refrigerator will full of those magnet items which represent different country which I have been through, sound so meaningful !

Girls will never stop shopping at here. Cheap and Nice !

When we were still worry on there are no main course for us to eat for dinner, we found that the night market has a big place for customers to sit down and have their meal. All the food stalls are surrounding these tables, in front of the tables, there is a stage for the performer to sing and entertained them.

Let's see what I have at that night.

Pad Thai 

Thai Soup - Spicy soup with mushroom and vege

Fried Yam 

Having dinner in Krabi Town Night Market is a good experience for me. I never thought that their night market can be so fun to me. I learned how their living culture from here too. This is why I say it is a good experience to me.

By the way, do you believe that? There was 40% of Malaysians in the night market ! No doubt, I found that Malaysians love thailand too much. They came in couple and in gangs, I can recognized them by their mixed language of cantonese and hokien. hahaha. Malays also alot too, how they speak and how they talk with Thailand people, I would definitely confirm their identity.

Night Market Dinner Selfie 

Thanks for reading my blog again, 
Stay tuned for the upcoming Day 2 in new beach which I never introduce before in Krabi post
Stay Tuned.

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